Best budget smartwatch: Top 3 models on AliExpress

If you are looking for the best budget smartwatch, you are in the right place. Below we will test and review 3 models that are very popular at the moment. But, they are also a great value for money and they come with all you are going to need. As a matter of fact, they are perfect if you want a functional and a desirable smartwatch.

  1. X7 Smart Watch

The X7 is the best budget smartwatch out there. First of all, it is well-made and it comes with the IP68 waterproof design. We actually tested this claim obtained from the manufacturer and we agree with it. The display is colored, 1.04 inches in size and with 128×96 pixel resolution. Considering the size of the smartwatch, the display is a great choice.

The rest of the model is made of stainless steel. It is resistant to scratches, it looks great and it is overall a nice-looking model. We must add that the attention to details is impressive.

10 modes

One of the biggest features here is the presence of 10 different modes. They allow for you to track the data while playing football, ping pong, walking, running and etc. An interesting addition is the fact Sex mode is present as well. Once again, you don’t have to import the data on your smartphone.

Great battery

The battery has a capacity of 380 mAh and it is recharged using a magnetic interface. The best part is 30 days lifespan of a battery with a single charge. It is simply impressive. Of course, we can expect a shorter lifespan under heavy-duty usage.


  • Well-made
  • Great battery
  • 10 different modes
  • Looks great


  • Complicated to use
  • Heavy

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  1. KW18 smartwatch

This right here may be the best cheap smartwatch for some of you. The look is impressive and precisely it is the main reason why so many people chose this particular model. It is a great-looking piece of hardware that comes with powerful options. Of course, it is a premium model, so we expect a lot from it.

Other facts you will want to know include availability in three colors (black, silver and gold) and the decent waterproof design. The smartwatch will also notify you when you spend a long period of time in a chair and activate the alarm to help you move. In a nutshell, it is a great, advanced smartwatch that can completely replace a smartphone.

AMOLED display

The round display is probably the biggest and the best feature of this model. It is 1.3 inches in diameter and it is super-sensitive. This makes using the smartwatch easier than ever before. Add the anti-glare system and you get impressive results. The colors are vivid and the smartwatch looks even more expensive than it actually is.

SIM card powered

We said that this model can replace the smartphone. Well, this is possible due to the fact it comes with a SIM card support. As such, you can accept the call, read messages and so much more. On the other hand, we can see that you can choose between the memory card and a SIM card.


  • Round display
  • SIM card slot
  • Available in three colors
  • Looks great


  • SIM card or memory card only
  • Thick design

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  1. Kaimorui KW28 Bluetooth Smart Watch

This is also the best budget smartwatch and your individual preference can make a difference between this and the previous model. We rated it as third, but in reality, it shares the second position with the KW18 model. You will want to know that it offers you the ability to use SIM card and a memory card at the same time. This is a unique method and the best when it comes to space saving.

The design is interesting. It looks more like a conventional wristwatch than a smartwatch, so you will need to reveal it to your friends before they realize. But, the design may be an advantage as well. Now you will understand why.

4 different watch faces

As more expensive models, this one comes with 4 faces compatible with the design of the smartwatch. It is easy for you to choose the one that you like and it will look perfect. All 4 faces are modern and they simulate the looks of the conventional watches.

iOS and Android support

You can use the built-in Bluetooth in the smartwatch to connect it to any iOS or Android smartphone. The connecting procedure is easier than ever before and it takes just a few seconds. You will have to use this feature if you don’t insert the SIM card into the smartwatch. All of this made it a desirable AliExpress smartwatch.


  • SIM card and memory card slot
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones
  • 4 faces are included
  • Strong and durable design


  • Looks too much like an ordinary watch
  • Inaccurate pedometer

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The final word

If you are looking or the best budget smartwatch, now you have 3 models at your disposal that can help you get all the latest features within seconds. Despite the fact they are affordable, they have the best features and they can be compared even with more expensive models.

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